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'A heritage of substances' information the background of the connection among medicinal drugs and freedom during the last two hundred years; therefore demanding and unravelling the 'naturalness' of the 'drug question', because it strains the a number of and heterogeneous traces of improvement out of which it's been assembled. creation : medications, freedom and liberalism -- A conceptual map : freedom, the "will" and dependancy -- Opium, legislation and classical liberalism : the drugstore act 1868 -- medicines, prohibition and welfarism : the damaging medications act 1920 -- medicines, possibility and neo-liberalism : the medication act 2005 -- medicines as a rules and governance challenge -- Conclusions : medications and freedom within the liberal age

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And at other times, the distinction between the ‘therapeutic’ and the ‘recreational’ was somewhat blurred, as the consumption of opium and opiates was 36 A History of Drugs for many people simply a way of attempting to cope with the hardships of the daily grind of working-class life in Victorian Britain. The widespread use of opium-based soothing syrups for infants and babies – Godfrey’s Cordial and Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup were amongst the most popular – is perhaps best understood from that perspective (Berridge, 1982: 2–3).

With very few exceptions, colonial Americans did not use a vocabulary of compulsion with regard to alcoholic beverages. At the end of the 18th century and in the early years of the 19th some Americans began to report for the first time that they were addicted to alcohol: They said they experienced overwhelming and irresistible desires A conceptual map 27 for liquor … Throughout the 19th century, people associated with the Temperance Movement argued that inebriety, intemperance or habitual drunkenness was a disease, and a natural consequence of the moderate use of alcoholic beverage.

Fraser and Gordon, 1994: 313, emphases in original) So buried in the word ‘dependence’ is this pre-industrial concept of freedom, revolving around what Patterson (1991) would have described as a medieval understanding of freedom as privilege, as discussed above. And we can go back even further with this series. As noted at the beginning of this chapter, in Roman law, the word manumission referred to the decision to release an individual from slavery or bondage, literally the creation of a freedman.

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