New PDF release: Adolescent Victimization and Delinquent Behavior

By Erika Harrell

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Harrell makes use of a number of waves of the nationwide early life Survey to degree even if Agnew s basic pressure conception (GST) may well clarify the connection among adolescent victimization and delinquency. She examines the results of victimization on kinds of delinquency throughout racial and gender teams. the most premise of the GST, that elevated pressure in somebody can result in elevated antisocial habit, is supported right here. Adolescent victimization, as a resource of pressure, raises antisocial habit. notwithstanding, the impression of adolescent victimization delinquency did range throughout racial and gender teams.

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A second problem was that research usually did not acknowledge the limitations of official versus self-report data. For example, relying solely on official data could leave out certain people not processed through either the child welfare or criminal justice systems. A third problem was not specifying the type of delinquency measured. And finally, the sample composition in the extant studies caused serious problems with generalizability. Results of studies using samples consisting solely on institutionalized individuals can only be applied to similar populations.

Also, Rivera and Widom (1990) found using official data and a longitudinal design that victimization in childhood did increase the overall risk for violent offending, particularly in males and African Americans. Smith and Thornberry (1995) used longitudinal data and studied official and self-report data regarding various types of delinquency and records of a child protection agency on a sample of youth in New York. They found that a history of victimization did increase the probability for subsequent violent offending, similar to the findings of earlier research.

Even though the present study is unable to incorporate the use of official statistics, using both may help to bring more insight into the adolescent maltreatment/violent offending relationship. Another problem with the later studies on the effect of adolescent victimization on violent crime is the lack of work done on racial and gender differences. It is wise when studying factors affecting violent crime to determine whether there are differential effects of these factors by race and gender. Menard (2002) and Ireland et al.

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