Agrippina: Sister of Caligula, Wife of Claudius, Mother of by Anthony A. Barrett PDF

By Anthony A. Barrett

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Despite the generous attempt of Tiberius to bring about a reconciliation between father and daughter, she was sent to the island of Pandateria, off the coast of Campania. 2km (2 miles) long, boasted an imperial villa and even a small grape cultivation, which was plagued by field mice. Julia, however, was reputedly denied every luxury, even wine, and no-one was allowed to land at the island without exhaustive enquiries. She was even prohibited in her father’s will from being allowed into his Mausoleum after her death.

While mothers were expected to communicate their learning to their children, it was from their fathers that they supposedly acquired their inborn talents and they were not reluctant to proclaim their paternal inheritance. Thus Cornelia, despite her own contribution to the education of her sons, the two Gracchi, drew constant attention to her father Scipio Africanus and followed tradition by recording her paternity (‘Cornelia, daughter of Africanus’) on the base of her well-known portrait statue (otherwise considered avant garde by Pliny because the figure wore no straps on the shoes).

9 First in the list of those Tacitus admired (it includes also the mothers of Caesar and of Augustus) comes Cornelia, daughter of Scipio Africanus, who bore twelve children, including the two famous Gracchi brothers. She was widely acclaimed as the prototype of the sophisticated mother, dedicated to her sons’ education and constantly in the company of Greeks and scholars. 10 This tradition continued into the imperial period. 11 No one would have been surprised by Agrippina’s tight control over the upbringing and education of her son Nero, or over the potentially more sinister control that she exercised over the tutors of her stepson Britannicus.

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