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By Karlheinz Hill, Wolfgang von Rybinski, Gerhard Stoll

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Alkyl polyglycosides are a brand new new release of multi-application, ecologically secure nonionic surfactants that shape a clearly reusable source. Written by way of pioneers within the box, this name info the technological, ecological, physicochemical and function facets of alkyl polyglycosides, and discusses the present patent scenario of those new commercially possible fabrics.

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Normal-phase TLC system for alkyl polyglycoside analysis 31 Analysis of Alkyl Polyglycosides from its starting position, the plate is removed from the chamber, dried, immersed in thymol solution and heated at 105 "C until the glycosides become visible as red spots. Identification is based on the color of the spots, which is relatively specific for carbohydrates, and on the distances of the spots to be analyzed from the baseline by comparison with those of the alkyl polyglycoside calibration substances chromatographed on the same plate.

Det. 32 (1995)336 8. A. Bruns, H. Waldhoff, W. Stoll 0 VCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH,1997 4. Physicochemical Properties of Alkyl Polyglycosides Dieter Nickel, Thomas Forster, and Wolfgang von Rybinski The favorable performance properties of surfactants are essentially attributable to specific physicochemical effects [ l l . This applies on the one hand to interfacial properties and on the other hand to behavior in solutions, for example phase behavior. In contrast to fatty alcohol ethoxylates (alkyl polyglycol ethers), there have hitherto been comparatively few studies of the physicochemical parameters of alkyl polyglycosides.

A weak attractive interaction between these surfactants can be derived on the basis of Rosen's theory [191. The kinetics involved in the establishment of surface tension were investigated by measurement of the dynamic surface tension. This describes the rate at which the surface tension of about 72 mN/m at an interface freshly formed between water and air is reduced by the influence of surfactants. 10-4moles/l at 40 "C1201. The curve of the pure FAS falls more quickly for short times than that of pure alkyl polyglycoside which shows that the FAS diffuses more quickly to the surface of the liquid than the alkyl polyglycoside with the same alkyl chain length.

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