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This significant quantity offers an unique synthesis and novel evaluate of Antarctic fish biology, detailing the evolution of those fish in probably the most strange and severe environments on the planet. concentrating on one crew of fish, the notothenoioids, which include nearly all of the present organismal variety, this publication describes a fauna that has advanced in isolation and skilled superb adaptive radiation by means of buying a number of physiological specializations. Darwin's finches and African cichlids should be joined through Antarctic fishes as exemplars of adaptive radiation.
The books' assurance is targeted and finished, and the writer truly acknowledges the truth that those fish are an element of a finest and biologically designated atmosphere and atmosphere. themes in Antarctic Fish Biology comprise prior and current environments, fossil documents, taxonomic composition of fauna, systematic relationships, diversification, and physiological variations

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Plant and pollen fossils suggest that the late Eo­ cene climate on Seymour Island was similar to the modern cool temperate climates in Tasmania, New Zealand, and southern South America (Woodburne and Zinsmeister, 1984; Case, 1988). B. Fishes from the late E o c e n e La M e s e t a formation The late Eocene La Meseta Formation (40 Ma) on Seymour Island is the only known locality for Cenozoic fossil fishes in Antarctica (Fig. 5). Included in the fossils are a diverse array of chondrichthyans including sharks, rays, and ratfish (Welton and Zinsmeister, 1980; Grande and Eastman, 1986; Ward and Grande, 1991; Long, 1992 a).

There is little similarity between the Tertiary faunas of the two continents, but post-Eocene fossil fishes have not been discovered in Antarctica. 4 The Modern Fauna: Zoogeography ^ p y j f a ^ ^ f t - — ■ I· Antarctic Zoogeography ^K^ffl Jr Major Zoogeographie boundaries in the Southern Ocean are ^ p océanographie fronts and these are reasonably well defined compared to Zoogeographie separations in some other areas in the world. As evidence of this we may cite the faunal dominance by one taxonomic group (notothenioids) and the large number of endemic species that clearly delimit the Antarctic Region from adjacent areas.

3B) were found in sedimentary beds within the Kirkpatrick Basalt, Queen Alexandra Range, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Victoria Land (Schaeffer, 1972). Originally considered early Jurassic, the deposits bearing these fish are now thought to be early Middle Jurassic (179 Ma ± 5 Ma) according to Kyle et al. (1981). These fish lived in freshwater under relatively warm, ice-free conditions (Tasch, 1977). Forests of conifers and cycads covered Antarctica at this time (White, 1990a). A member of the family fArchaeomaenidae, fO.

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