Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade - download pdf or read online

By Neil Brodie, Morag Kersel, Christina Luke, Katheryn Walker Tubb

ISBN-10: 0813029724

ISBN-13: 9780813029726

Archaeological artifacts became a traded commodity largely as the worldwide achieve of Western society permits easy accessibility to the world’s archaeological history. obtained by way of the world’s prime museums and personal creditors, antiquities were faraway from archaeological websites, monuments, or cultural associations and illegally traded. This number of essays via world-recognized specialists investigates the ways in which com-modifying artifacts fuels the destruction of archaeological historical past and considers what may be performed to guard it. regardless of growing to be nationwide and foreign laws to guard cultural historical past, expanding numbers of archaeological sites—among them, war-torn Afghanistan and Iraq—are topic to pillage because the financial worth of artifacts rises. delivering finished examinations of archaeological website looting, the antiquities exchange, the spoil of cultural background assets, and the foreign efforts to wrestle their destruction, the authors argue that the antiquities industry affects cultural historical past world wide and is a burgeoning worldwide crisis.

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