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By Venerable Yifa

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ISBN-13: 9781590561096

Do you end up beaten by way of junk? Is your home filled with belongings you have no idea what to do with? Do you consume an excessive amount of dangerous nutrition? Are you concerned with damaging relationships? Do you end up surrounded by means of minutiae or engaged in meaningless dialog? Do you are feeling there is little of worth on your life?

If the reply to any of those questions is ''yes,'' then you definitely have to learn On Junk. sincerely and compassionately, Ven. Yifa explores junk in all its ramifications: junk meals, junk stuff, junk relationships, junk verbal exchange, and junk strategies and emotions. She exhibits how our obsession with materialism, comfort, and the fast paced nature of our society is diminishing our skill to attach wholeheartedly with others and making it tougher for us to steer real lives. via consciously setting apart out what's junk from what's actual, she says, and during practising right-mindedness, we will achieve equanimity, readability of function, precise friendship, and the final word attention of our Buddha-nature.

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The Diamond middle sequence is a transcription of talks given through the writer in either California and Colorado, for numerous years. the aim of the talks is to steer and orient people who are engaged in doing the tough paintings of awareness.

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After all, we use many drugs to heal us, and many shamanic and other religious authorities throughout the long history of spirituality and healing have used mind-altering substances for the purposes of divination or to gain insight into the deep mysteries of life. What is the problem is when the use of drugs is divorced from a regulated societal context and the ingestion or application of drugs becomes pathological. This involves not only proscribed drugs—such as heroin, cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and alcohol beneath a certain age, etc.

And if our response is to be overwhelmed, why should we not expect that the planet’s ecosystems themselves will be overwhelmed? Ultimately, we’re going to be forced to respond to our constant desire for junk and our failure to use it wisely by employing the wisdom of the planet. Nowhere in the universe, so far as we know, is there a more creative or promiscuous manufacturer, or more efficient and ruthless recycler, than planet Earth. Every day it takes the raw materials gathered from the sun and generates and regenerates everything on it, including human beings.

S. has almost the same amount of advertisements, or “messages,” in thirty minutes as it has news. Or maybe this scenario is familiar? The telephone rings and you pick it up and there’s somebody on the phone soliciting something from, or trying to sell something to, you. Sometimes it’s not even a person, just a recorded message. Sometimes the person may shout obscenities down the line at you or it may be a sexual predator breathing heavily (something that happens to a surprising number of women).

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