Cory Taylor brilliantly unmasks the chameleon-like evolution of Hitler’s ideology and the politically opportunistic schemes that were at the core of its development.

— Paul S. Nussbaum, president and CEO, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Taylor leads us into a world of seething polarization that trampled the best of humanity and enthroned its most craven.

— Nathan Stoltzfus, author of Hitler’s Compromises

Cory Taylor takes us on a fascinating journey into Germany’s dark past, to a time with a chilling resonance to our own.

— Evan Thomas, Former editor at large at Newsweek magazine, and author of Being Nixon

Even readers already versed in Hitler’s adolescence and young adulthood will find here a new wealth of detail.

— David Wingeate Pike, Author of Spaniards in the Holocaust.

Masterful….. Taylor’s well-researched account of that long road to creating such dangerous power is an important, if unsettling, addition to the history of the twentieth century.”

— Jenny Thompson, author of War Games

Cory Taylor takes apart the toxic stew of anti-Semitism, a power hungry ideologue, political opportunism and devastating social circumstances, to show how it all made possible the rise of the Nazis and Hitler.”

— Dov Hassan, Chair of Theater Arts Dept. Chabot College

Cory Taylor

Emmy award-winning filmmaker and author of HOW HITLER WAS MADE released by Prometheus Books, June 5, 2018