Cory Taylor


Cory Taylor is  a primetime Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker who recently began writing narrative nonfiction. Prometheus Books will release his debut work, How Hitler Was Made, on June 5, 2018.

Taylor’s most recent documentary, JFK: A President Betrayed, narrated by Morgan Freeman, uncovered startling information about President Kennedy’s back-channel efforts for peace. The Hollywood Reporter said Taylor’s work represents “an excellent example of cinematic scholarship” and Oliver Stone called it “brilliant” and “a great service to future generations.”

Taylor also directed the award-winning documentary The Power of the Powerless, which tells the story of 1989’s Velvet Revolution. Narrated by Jeremy Irons and featuring Vaclav Havel, Powerlesswas aired on ten television networks and utilized by human rights organizations on three continents.

Taylor received his BA from UCLA and was a co-winner of the Edgar Dale Screenwriting Award at the Columbus International Film Festival.

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