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Review: Taylor’s Hitler Book “should be a foundation piece for any political and social issues collection…..”

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of the Midwest Book Review says, “Aside from its obvious importance to World War II and German history collections, How Hitler Was Made should be a foundation piece for any political and social issues collection concerned with threats to democratic process and the fostering of social and political unrest in society.” […]

Spectator writer Jacob Heilbrunn praises How Hitler Was Made as “a superb new book.”

On October 9, 2018, Spectator USA published an article by Jacob Heilbrunn entitled, “Hitler’s descendants think Trump is doing a bad job.” (See link) The provocative article praises Cory Taylor’s Hitler book as “superb” and details recent remarks by one of Hitler’s surviving great-nephews about the US president. https://spectator.us/2018/10/hitlers-descendants-trump/

Library Journal says Taylor’s Hitler book makes good sense of of a turbulent and confusing period

Bill Martinez calls Taylor’s Hitler book a must read

Cory Taylor makes three appearances on the Bill Martinez syndicated talk radio show to discuss his Hitler book. On the first show, Martinez told his audience, “This is a must read. You will enjoy this book. There is great history here.” Taylor and Martinez discussed a variety of subjects over the course of three shows, […]