How Hitler Was Made


Unlike the many books that focus on Hitler after he took power in 1933, How Hitler Was Made: Germany and the Rise of the Perfect Nazi frames the Nazi leader’s early years from 1918 to 1924 in the context of the fascinating and diabolical characters who encouraged, nurtured, and ultimately lost control of him. No other published work examines in detail the competing aspirations of the German left and right as a cause for Hitler’s rise while tracking the critical development of Hitler’s political peers as anti-Semites years before his more conspicuous arrival on the scene. Beginning in the trenches of the First World War and ending in Landsberg Prison, this page turning narrative reveals how Hitler ultimately arrived at his decision to use democracy to destroy it.

Advance Praise for the Book (Selected)

“Cory Taylor brilliantly unmasks the chameleon-like evolution of Hitler’s ideology and the politically opportunistic schemes that were at the core of its development.”

— Paul S. Nussbaum, president and CEO, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

“Taylor leads us into a world of seething polarization that trampled the best of humanity and enthroned its most craven.”

— Nathan Stoltzfus, author of Hitler’s Compromises

“Cory Taylor takes us on a fascinating journey into Germany’s dark past, to a time with a chilling resonance to our own.”

— Evan Thomas, author of Being Nixon

“Even readers already versed in Hitler’s adolescence and young adulthood will find here a new wealth of detail.”

— David Wingeate Pike, author of Spaniards in the Holocaust

“Masterful….. Taylor’s well-researched account of that long road to creating such dangerous power is an important, if unsettling, addition to the history of the twentieth century.”

— Jenny Thompson, author of War Games

“Cory Taylor takes apart the toxic stew of anti-Semitism, a power hungry ideologue, political opportunism and devastating social circumstances, to show how it all made possible the rise of the Nazis and Hitler.”

— Dov Hassan, Chair of Theater Arts Dept. Chabot College

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